Well Done Taddington!

Thank you to everyone who donated parcels and ventured out in the wet weather to sing carols around the village. Thank you also to Jane and Kirsty at ‘The Queens’ for a warm welcome before we started out and to Michael and Hilary for the ‘afterglow’. We collected 191 parcels and raised £53 which we delivered on the following morning to ‘The Wellspring’ centre in Stockport. The attached photograph shows the preparations for the Christmas lunch after which our parcels would have been distributed. Two days ago we received a letter thanking the people of the village for our continuing support and generosity.


New Year, New Website!

So – we made it into 2015… Just a covering of snow; enough to look pretty for the Christmas holiday without causing any major disruption. Some sunny weather and many of us were out of doors with a camera or taking a walk to take in the crisp winter air and admire the altered scenery. And now the last mince pies have been eaten, the holly tucked behind the pictures is looking a little tired, the mistletoe hanging over the kitchen table (best place to put it) is wilting a little and the return to work and school and our usual routine is just around the corner. Some of us will be feeling a bit reluctant, I imagine, and some of us, (and especially those who do not enjoy the difficulties posed by the arrival of the snow and ice, crowded car parks and days without shopping and postal facilities or who do not have loved ones to celebrate with) the return to normal will be quite welcome.

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Are you decided on starting a fitness regime, joining a club or maybe even taking up a new hobby? There are plenty of activities and dance and exercise classes on offer in the village calendar, as well as a new photography class to be held by Don Stazicker (provider of many of the top class images for this website). Talking of which, there will soon be plenty of work under way to turn our new website into a fully-functioning portal for the community to come together on, access social media from, advertise via and generally make use of. All suggestions are very welcome. Just comment on this post or email [email protected]