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The Gonzo Moose Theatre Company will be bringing their latest production ‘Once Upon a Time – the Misadventure of the Brothers Grimm’ to Taddington on Thursday 17 October at 7:30pm. This is promoted as a great show for family audiences and a light hearted evening out for all ages. More below!

Since their creation in 2000, Gonzo Moose Theatre Company have been forging their own unique brand of comedy theatre that blends visual comedy, dramatic storytelling and physical theatre. The company, founded by Artistic Director Mark Dawson and Paschale Straiton, has always had a focus on innovative and exciting comedy and clowning. The team delight in spoofing genres, mashing up traditional tales and generally being silly. The Brothers Grimm are kidnapped on the eve of publishing their final volume of what will become the greatest collection of fairy-tales ever to be published and it is down to their lesser known (but incredibly brave) sister, Lotte to rescue them. Having previously thrilled audiences with hit shows ‘The Thing That Came from Over There’ and ‘What the Dickens’, Gonzo Moose have established themselves as one of the country’s leading companies producing shows for rural touring specifically aimed at family audiences. In this latest adventure, the three versatile actors perform as over twenty different characters (goodies and baddies) in this epic quest to save the day. Is our heroine in grave danger? Yes. From what? Lots of things. Will she make it back alive? We can’t tell you. Will Rapunzel’s hair be crucial to the plot? Should you risk a bite of Snow White’s apple? And are Hansel and Gretel going to be any use at all? Inspired by the slapstick greats, Gonzo Moose always bring the house down. This is a thrilling show for all the family.

‘An exuberant mash-up of improvisation, physical theatre, slapstick and satire’ – The Stage. ‘Wild, crazy, inspired and devilishly funny’- Oxford Times.

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