Statement from the Taddington Parish Council

A pernicious water weed called New Zealand Pygmy Weed has been identified in High Mere and its immediate surrounds. It grows very fast and densely, smothering plants and pond life

One of its main characteristics is that even the tiniest shred of the weed, for example on a boot, an animal’s leg or a tyre, regenerates very quickly and spreads the problem widely.

The National Park Authority, after consultation with Taddington Parish Council, will be taking active steps to treat the weed as soon as practicable.

Meanwhile, people are asked to stay away from the High Mere pond and keep dogs and children away. If for any reason, you have to enter the pond area, you are advised to clean your boots and any animal with you as soon as you leave the site in order to limit the spread of the plant.

Please co-operate because of the huge damage that could otherwise be caused

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