Taddington Church – Village Harvest Festival

On Sunday, October 11th at 10am there will be our traditional Village Harvest Festival in Taddington Church. If anyone wishes to bring any produce could this be limited please to cans / packet items as this year all donations will be given to a local ‘food bank’.

Families and children most welcome to our service.

NB the church has special precautions in place regarding Covid-19.

Village Hall Garden

Maybe we haven’t all got fairies at the bottom of the garden, but there are certainly fairies at the bottom of the village and at the back of the Village Hall (Bramwell Institute). So, if anyone is going for a daily walk I would strongly recommend having a look to see what an improvement the Gardening Club, with Jan as the ‘Fairy Godmother,’ is continuing to make of the garden around the Hall and the car park. We are so lucky to have so many people who care for the village and help in many ways during these difficult times. Thank you to all of them.